Songs We Sang In Our Dreams

LET IT COME DOWN is Bonner Kramer & Xan Tyler

the aesthetic fulcrum of LET IT COME DOWN is the question of TIME itself, balancing the reckonings of Memory, Identity, and Love;
the three furnaces into which all things are dropped. Songs We Sang In Our Dreams wails from the quivering retreat unto sleep,
where the soul does its most vital work. it beckons like a drug, and holds our feet to the fires of Universal Loss, perhaps never more than
right now, in these most troubling times. Is it simply the Dream of Love we feel collapsing all around us, or is it the physical world itself?

-Kramer, April 2020 

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Notes on the filming of VICKY;

for his unforgettable "Screen Tests", Andy Warhol would shoot 16mm B&W film, often at 18fps, and then play back at 16fps.
or he'd shoot at 16fps and play back at 14. Andy was experimenting with Time, and with the building blocks of Memory.
his frame-rate manipulations brought a ghostliness to those little films; almost 500 of them, made between 1964 and 1966.

this cine-dynamic is the fertile soil atop which “VICKY” blossoms into what she is; the micro-expressions in micro-denials
of the character's turf battles with her opposite self; all the wins, and all the losses, of being human.
it’s all there, in this very short film, and in this song.

Andy often instructed his subjects to sit perfectly still. sometimes he also asked them to try not to blink.

i removed those obstructions for the filming of Xan Tyler, and for Vicky.

June 5, 2020

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is memory really about remembering? or is it about forgetting?
we are the eternal return of trauma, the inverse marchings of time.
before You left for home. before i saturate the colours.

the memories of another future. i am cataloguing them, for You.
the future will not remember us.
it will only remember the things we create.
"FORGET" is the brutal burial of two lovers, beneath the clocktower, under falling ash.

-Kramer, May 2020

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