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MUSIC FOR PIANOS AND SUNFLOWERS is a single composition in two-parts for 3 grand pianos (one Bosendorfer, one Steinway, and one Yamaha) and 3 vintage tape echo machines. All of the sounds began at my fingers. All of the sounds come from the strings of a piano. All of the sounds were treated and manipulated over Time until what i was hearing was also what i was feeling, and all of this was recorded entirely during the month of December, 2020. the end of a year to end all years. All of this, even this, shall pass.

the two pieces, "BEFORE" and "AFTER", can be listened to in whichever order the listener chooses. You can be Tomorrow, or You can be Yesterday. the choice is entirely Yours. Time won't hold it against You.

this music is for a Lover i never made Love to. it was dually inspired by a field of sunflowers opening and closing under the Amsterdam sun on a neglected canvas of my mind, and by a birthday card incorrectly addressed that somehow reached its intended destination, as if by miracle, as if there really was a god, simultaneously cruel and benevolent, unwilling to guide us in choosing which side of desertion to hurl ourselves at, leaving us impaled between the two. we beat ourselves to death with our own beating hearts, pounding red pillows until they bleed.

Before, or After. someone, somewhere, is waiting for You to make a decision.

are You the light from a long dead star, or are You the star itself? make up Your mind. i beg You.

-Kramer, Dec. 2020