The History Of Crying, Revisited



Born Stupid



And The Wind Blew It All Away



Music For Films Edited By Moths



Words & Music, Book One



Songs We Sang In Our Dreams



Music For Pianos And Sunflowers




There Is Wonder



Gates Of Light



I Will Be Gone



Wagon Drawn Horse



My Blood Carries My Dreams Away



The Long View



Things To Come



No. Year Artist Title Format
001 1987 Various artists The 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love CD, CS, LP
002 Bongwater Breaking No New Ground! LP
003 King Missile Fluting on the Hump LP
004 Sharky's Machine Let's Be Friends LP
005 Krackhouse The Whole Truth LP
006 B.A.L.L. Period (Another American Lie) LP
007 CarneyHildKramer Happiness Finally Came to Them LP
008 Men & Volts The Mule LP
010 GWAR Hell-o! CS, LP
011 1988 Bongwater Double Bummer CD, CS, LP
012 Jad Fair and Kramer Roll Out the Barrel CS, LP
013 Fred Lane and His Hittite Hot Shots Car Radio Jerome CD, LP
014 B.A.L.L. Bird LP
015 King Missile They CD, LP
016 Spongehead Potted Meat Spread LP
017 Shockabilly Earth vs. Shockabilly LP
018 1989 Velvet Monkeys Rotting Corpse Au-Go-Go CS, LP
019 Various artists Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings CS, LP
020 Tuli Kupferberg Tuli & Friends LP
021 Fred Lane From the One That Cut You LP
022 B.A.L.L. Trouble Doll CS, LP
023 Dogbowl Tit! An Opera CS, LP
024 When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water Bobby CS, LP
025 The Tinklers Casserole CS, LP
026 Shockabilly Vietnam/Heaven CS
027 Shockabilly Live: ...Just Beautiful CS, LP
028 1990 Daniel Johnston 1990 CD, CS, LP
029 King Missile Mystical Shit CS, LP
030 B.A.L.L. B.A.L.L. Four: Hardball CD, CS, LP
031 1989 Bongwater Too Much Sleep CD, CS, LP
032 1990 Rebby Sharp In One Mouth and Out the Other CS, LP
033 Jellyfish Kiss Plank CS, LP
034 Various artists What Else Do You Do? CD, CS, LP
035 Boredoms Soul Discharge CS, LP
036 Walkingseeds Bad Orb, Whirling Ball LP
037 Ruins Stonehenge CD, CS, LP
038 Jellyfish Kiss Animal Rights LP
039 Naked City Torture Garden CD, CS, LP
040 Bongwater The Power of Pussy CD, CS, LP
041 Various artists Rutles Highway Revisited CD, LP
042 1991 John S. Hall & Kramer Real Men CD, CS, LP
043 Dogbowl Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain CD, CS, LP
044 When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water Porgy CD, CS, LP
045 The Tinklers Saplings CD, CS, LP
046 Lida Husik Bozo CD, CS, LP
047 Jellyfish Kiss Stormy Weather CD, CS, LP
048 Daniel Johnston Artistic Vice CD, CS, LP
049 Ween The Pod CD, CS, LP
050 1992 Bongwater The Big Sell-Out CD, LP
051 1991 Uncle Wiggly Across the Room and Into Your Lap CD, CS, LP
052 The Mabuses The Mabuses CD, CS, LP
053 1992 Dogbowl Flan CD, CS, LP
054 1991 False Front Dude CD, CS, LP
055 1992 Kramer The Guilt Trip CD, CS, LP
056 Lida Husik Your Bag CD, CS, LP
057 Ruins Burning Stone CD, CS, LP
058 Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits CD, CS, LP
059 Grenadine Goya CD, CS, LP
060 Daevid Allen and Kramer Who's Afraid? CD, CS, LP
061 1993 Uncle Wiggly There Was an Elk CD, LP
062 Lida Husik The Return of Red Emma CD, CS, LP
063 Dogbowl Project Success CD, LP
064 When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water Bill Kennedy's Showtime CD, LP
065 The Tinklers Crash CD, LP
066 False Front Criminal Kind CD, LP
067 Roger Manning Roger Manning CD, LP
068 Fahy • Harley • Kramer Egomaniacs CD, LP
069 Raymond Listen Licorice Root Orchestra CD, CS, LP
070 Trains and Boats and Planes Minimal Star CD, LP
071 Fly Ashtray Tone Sensations of the Wondermen CD, LP
072 1994 Tin Ear The Gospel of Tin Ear CD
073 Dogbowl & Kramer Hot Day in Waco CD
074 Bulkhead Gas Giants CD, LP
075 Kramer The Secret of Comedy CD
076 Hugh Hopper & Kramer A Remark Hugh Made CD
077 CarneyHildKramer Black Power CD
078 1995 The Semibeings Sickness and Health CD
079 Blueberrie Spy Sing Sing CD
080 1996 Daevid Allen and Kramer Hit Men CD
081 1995 Paleface Raw CD
082 Tin Ear Ballad of a Tin Band CD
083 1996 Dogbowl & Kramer Gunsmoke CD
084 The Captain Howdy Tattoo of Blood CD
085 1998 Kramer Songs from the Pink Death CD
086 1995 E-Trance E-Trance CD
087 1997 Kramer and Daved Hild Rubber Hair CD
088 Hugh Hopper & Kramer Huge CD
089 1998 Drazy Hoops Straight to Black CD
090 King Missile Failure CD
091 The Captain Howdy Money Feeds My Music Machine CD
092 Glen or Glenda Reasons in the Sun CD
093 The Blue Whale The Blue Whale (Congregation) CD
094 1999 Milksop Holly Milkweeds CD
095 Jad Fair and Kramer The Sound of Music CD
096 Brainville The Children's Crusade CD
097 Adult Rodeo The Kissyface CD
098 Milksop Holly Time to Come In CD
099 Adult Rodeo Texxxas CD
100 The Ladytron The Ladytron CD
101 The Blue Whale Wind Runs Through It CD