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VINTAGE CDs (Factory Sealed)

KRAMER's 20 years on JOHN ZORN's TZADIK label (1998-2017) exploration into the eternal mysteries of Time,
and the fleeting, fractured nature of Memory
When Shimmy-Disc was consumed by vengeance and greed in 1998, Kramer felt that it might be time to take a few steps back from music, and explore his lifelong interests in cinema and the theater arts. He was invited by Arthur Penn to join him at The Actors Studio in NYC, becoming the great director's sole student, assistant director, and theater music composer. It wasn't too long, however, before one of Kramer's oldest friends, John Zorn, called him up and scolded him over his abandonment of music. Zorn then proceeded to commission four projects over the span of nearly twenty years for his Tzadik Records label...