THE HISTORY OF CRYING is JAD FAIR & KRAMER’s third collaboration, and their first in almost 20 years; 12 brand new songs recorded in 2017 and produced by Kramer at his Florida studio, Noise Miami. Longtime fans of Jad Fair will be stunned by how he SINGS on this LP. No other LP in Jad’s storied career features him singing complex melodies in the manner he does here. From a life in music spanning over 40 years, It is unlike anything he has ever done before; a wondrous thing to behold.

This LP also features psychotic guitar solos one every song by PAUL LEARY (BUTTHOLE SURFERS), so BS fans will go hog wild.

(excerpt from Kramer’s “Producer’s Notes” for THE HISTORY OF CRYING)…

KRAMER: Hey. Jad. Listen. We haven’t made a record together for almost 20 years.
JAD: Well yes, I think it would be about 20 years. It’s been quite a good long time now.
KRAMER: So we should fix that, right?
JAD: Well yes, i would think that 20 years is, perhaps, a bit too long between records.
KRAMER: So why don’t you send me some lyrics, and i’ll get started.
JAD: OK, but, well, i’m just so terribly busy right now with so many records coming out,
and I, I’m… I just don’t think I’d be able to write new lyrics for at least a few months.
Maybe even not until June or…I’m just so busy right now.
KRAMER: Hmmm. OK. Well, what if I sent you 12 song titles? Would that help?
JAD: You mean, like, right now?
KRAMER: Well, in about ten minutes. Gimme ten minutes.
JAD: Oh well then I can definitely get you the lyrics by Friday.



1 - Red Red Sun
2 - I Wanna Make a Movie
3 - The History Of Crying
4 - I Won’t Eat ’Til You Come Back To Me
5 - I’ll Give You The Moon
6 - Pickpockets Of Love
7 - Show Me The Way To Nowhere
8 - Do You Really Need a Map To My Heart?
9 - All I Need Is a Kiss
10- I Miss My Analog Warmth
11- You Cripple Me
12- Tearjerker

all songs by Jad Fair & Kramer
(Secretly Publishing)

JAD FAIR & KRAMER - Lyrics & Singing
KRAMER - Music & Instruments/Singing

with PAUL LEARY - Electric Guitars & SH-101

Produced & Engineered by KRAMER
at Noise Miami & Noise Austin, 2016/17
Electric Guitars and SH-101 Recorded by Paul Leary
at Preacher Mon Studio; Austin, TX.

Re-Mixed by KRAMER (March 2020)
on Tim’s UA610 console in San Antonio, TX.

Cover Art by JAD FAIR
Photography by MACIOCE
Design by RYAN HOVER