Wagon Drawn Horse


Produced by Anaximander Fragment.
Mastered by Kramer.
Release date: December 18, 2020.

After 25+ years of fighting the good fight – ie: making DIY art-punk in the face of near-total indifference – Mr. Anaximander Fragment (aka Adam G, aka Hatestick, etc etc) now brings you…

“Wagon Drawn Horse”

Originally conceived in 2013 in Santa Monica, CA as the middle chapter of a trilogy (intended to be credited to three different pseudonyms), the unfinished LP was revived in the Spring of 2020, radically revised and rewritten, and now presented here as a kind of palimpsest of two different periods of creativity, angst, and upheaval.

All well and good, certainly, but what matters to the potential listener is simply, “what does it sound like?” The safest answer would be some sort of first-draft tripe like “a deeply idiosyncratic form of DIY post-punk that nods to The Residents, Faith-era The Cure, Minimal Man, and the Fall, while forging a dark, post-goth naïve-art all its own.”

Or even, “RIYL - homemade electronic art-punk with lyrics steeped in existential despair.”

Mastered by Kramer, it also sounds pretty thrilling, especially on good headphones while staring at the ceiling, wrestling with angels, and/or wondering where it is that your thoughts really come from.

How odd it is to the one who made it that this long gestating cry from the soul is actually out there for everyone else to hear. Alea iacta est.

-Adam G/Anaximander Fragment

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